Monday, 25 May 2015

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
I hope a good weekend was had by all. Here in the UK, we have had another long weekend, which means the feeling of down time has lasted that little bit longer. Mine has been filled with a lot of pootling, a little sewing and quite a lot of walking, through the park and along the river, soaking up the sunny weather and generally enjoying the rejuvenation that spring brings with it.

My long weekend really started on Friday when I headed to Bermondsey Street in London to check out the Riviera Style exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. It brings together a diverse range of clothing worn in and by the sea, with a key feature being the importance of fabric, from early examples of the perfect fabric that didn't bag or sag when wet, to the more recent technical developments designed to improve fit and increase speed in the water.

I love the posters from the 1930s (above left) and who wouldn't want to look this stylish (above right) on the beach, with a dirty martini?!

All of the above swimsuits look so stylish, but I'm not sure how stylish they would look after a dunk in the sea - worry of baggy bottom I fear!

I was taken with this colour combination of teal and red.

It wouldn't be a swimsuit exhibition without the obligatory rubber swim hat!

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