Friday, 6 February 2015

Fabric Friday

I'm very proud to say that some fabric I worked on a while ago for Makower was featured on the Great British Sewing Bee last night! It's from a group of fabric designs called Modern Folkloric, a fun collection of folk-inspired images in shades of black, grey and yellow.

The fabric that was used last night was an abstract geometric, described by Claudia Winkleman as 'weird discs with caterpillars attached'! The fabric was made up into a square-necked summer dress by Neela in the made-to-measure challenge of the show.

You can see the full collection of Modern Folkloric designs on my portfolio website.

Luckily Claudia pointed out that there was no 'upside down' to the print, making it easier to cut.

Choosing a bold print meant that Neela had to make sure that the design matched up at the seams, which was no easy task with this design!

Neela made a princess seam dress with a full, pleated skirt using contrasting fabric to create a sash.

 'Weird discs with caterpillars attached'.

This design was used as the contrasting fabric for the sash.

  This design was fun to create, although the repeat proved to be a tad trying.

I love the simple black and cream of this design.

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