Monday, 3 November 2014

Cheeky chestnuts in Yanaka

Today's food samplings were shared with our good friend Tatsuya. They included tan tan men (spicey ramen) in Nippori followed by chestnut dessert in Yanaka, with a little fabric foraging session in between.

love Yanaka for its old Tokyo feel. It has hundreds of little shrines tucked away, and its main street is full of knick knack shops and food vendors. 

Tatsuya took me to a popular chestnut pudding restaurant where we were served a rather impressive mont blanc dessert of chestnut swirls piled up, with cream in the middle. The chestnuts start out by being roasted in a special roaster outside the shop. They are then brought into the kitchen and made into a paste. The swirls are made by pushing the chestnut paste through a small funnel so that the paste forms a constant swirl which is built up into a mountain shape around the cream, hence the name Mont Blanc.

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