Friday, 10 August 2012

Hankie pankie

I am not a handkerchief girl and would have never considered using one or even going near a hankie shop until the other day when I was passing one in Roppongi Hills. For some reason, I was drawn in and I was amazed by the selection. Apart from the array of rather flouncy lady numbers, there were some gorgeously fun ones, ranging from a men's choice of golfing, fishing or cycling-themed items, to the more typical cutesy animal-themed ones. They were rather exquisite and I wanted to buy them all, but I wouldn't even want to wipe my sweaty brow with one, let alone blow my nose on it!

You can see their website here.

I love the packaging and the way that the handkerchief is folded to show both images.

The perspective is great on this one with the golfer far away and the ball up close.

I love this view of a swimming pool from above.

This idea is so cute. The embroidered cat is hanging from the top of the hankie and looks like it's pulling down the edge. The dog looks like he's pulling the hankie from the side with his teeth. Kawaii!

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