Sunday, 20 February 2011

Borough Market Bonanza

I went to Borough Market on friday morning and got seduced by the endless wonderful aromas of cooking food that seem to seep from every nook and crannie. It's a feast for all the senses and I finally went for this stonker of a sandwich - a massive melted cheese number using the richest of cheeses, melted with onions and oozing with flavour. I can just smell it now....I was also seduced by these chutneys and curry mixes by Gujarati Rasoi - a mother and son team who produce a homemade selection from family recipes. The product is scrummy, but I also love the simple, bright packaging.

These olives also took my fancy. They taste amazing, but also look gorgeous en masse and I love the big wooden ladles used to scoop them up.
I love the sugary colours of these macaroons, that actually match the colours of the bags below! They're just waiting to be popped in the mouth.....

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