Thursday, 7 November 2019

Sausage dogs

Each item in my Cheeky Leopard shop has been hand made by me and I love the whole creative process from start to finish. I start with the fun part of choosing the fabrics and finding the perfect lining to match it. Each piece is cut out using pattern templates and then I assemble them on the sewing machine.

Even the cutting of the fabric is a satisfying process for me and I love the sound of scissors cutting through the fabric - see above. This sausage dog fabric has been really popular, but I still hate cutting through the dogs! 

For the cosmetic bag below, I use a fleece between the outer fabric and lining to give it some padding. I machine sew this onto the outer fabric, as you can see above.

Each cosmetic bag is fully lined and has a fitted zipper that has been carefully sewn into the bag. In this case I used a black zipper to match the dogs and the black and white lining.

This sausage dog purse is perfect for storing makeup and toiletries in and is machine washable.

It could also be used as a travel bag or as a handbag organiser to keep small items together in your handbag.

There are quite a few sausage dog items in my store and they make great gift sets for that dachshund lover in your life, like this matching coin purse.

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