Friday, 3 August 2018

Club Tropicana

Summer is well and truly here and I've recently been working on some summer designs to get me in the mood. I've also been creating some fun items for my store. I'm so inspired by the tropical references that are out there at the mo - from flamingos and pineapples to toucans and tropical leaves. The colour palette of the design reference below is nice and fresh. I love the peach and mint combination with a touch of acid green to funk it up.

And if you're looking for something a bit brighter, the colour palette below delivers! I love the funky combinations of purple and pink with orange and yellow thrown in.

Cheeky Leopard has been busy creating some fun summer items and my favourite one at the mo is this fab pineapple cosmetic bag in shades of yellow and turquoise.

The bag has a turquoise gingham lining and I decided to add a bright yellow zipper as a contrasting pop of colour. This is a great size for carrying smaller items in your travel bag.

For more pineapples you can find this little selection in my store.

The most recent item to be added to my store is this fun flamingo glasses case. It has been printed onto a beige background which makes it slightly more sophisticated! The pink and white polka dot lining ties in with the pink of the flamingos.

Toucans are still a popular tropical reference and these little guys are so sweet. The toucan coin purse is big enough for small change, notes and credit cards and has a black and white spotty lining.

The toucan tissue holder is a fun way to carry tissues for this summer sniffles.

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