Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Watermelon heaven

I've been getting quite crafty recently! My latest craft project was to create some gift bags for my niece's upcoming 9th birthday party. Being a nine year old girl, she naturally likes all things pink and preferably with a unicorn, mermaid or pineapple on it, so these watermelon pouches seemed the perfect compliment. All you need is some pink paper, a black pen and some tape.

I found a fab tutorial at It was really easy to follow and a great project to share with both my nieces. We each had a job to do - Lila was colouring in the watermelon seeds (easily drawn with a black marker pen), I was doing the sticking (slightly fiddly, using double-sided tape) and Flo was attaching the green washi tape and filling the pouches. It was a great way to get crafty as well as spend some fab time with my beautiful nieces! You can see the finished result below. We decided to use a combination of red paper and pink paper to mix up the colours a bit.

I'm a bit partial to watermelon designs myself and have a watermelon item in my store - this fab little tissue holder. Each melon is printed in gold and they sit on a pale pink ground.

Other fruity items include this sweet little strawberry coin purse which can be used for storing small change or as a headphone case.

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