Monday, 7 August 2017

Balinese Beauty

I've recently been adding some stunning ikat bags to my store. Most of those have used fabrics that I bought in the bazaars of Istanbul, but the most recent addition is an ikat fabric I bought in Bali a few years ago. I was lucky to spend a week on the beautiful island and was intrigued by the amount of local crafts that were produced there. Being a fabric lover, I was most intrigued by the textiles produced and I came home with some stunning pieces.

Ikat fabric has a characteristic blurred effect and this is created by dying the design onto the threads before they are woven.

 The beautiful turquoise colour caught my eye and I decided to use a contrasting mustard fabric for the lining to add a flash of colour when the bag is opened. The lining is made from a vintage Japanese kimono fabric. I love the idea of mixing the fabrics of two different cultures in one bag.

This bag has a short detachable chain handle that can be held in the hand, worn over the wrist or worn over the shoulder. You can find it in my store here.

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