Thursday, 13 April 2017

Kimono jewellery

I love the idea of applying kimono fabrics to jewellery and have been playing with variations over the past few weeks to see how the beautiful fabrics could be used.

My first attempt was these kimono-covered buttons that I've made into a set of three brooches. I used complimentary colours in each one so that they work as a group of three or could be used individually. I love the idea of placing them on the lapel of a jacket or using them to decorate a bag.

I've also been working on some kimono necklace ideas and so far have one in my store. It uses a stylised chrysanthemum piece that I have cut out from a vintage Japanese kimono and then bonded onto a blue leather base.

It is hung round the neck on a silver chain and makes a lovely simple statement to any outfit. It's pretty unique too!

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