Friday, 10 March 2017

Fabric Friday

Last Friday I mentioned a selection of kimono fabrics from my stash that I wanted to make up into scarves. I'm now proud to say that I have added two new scarves to my store and I'm really pleased with them! Both scarves are double sided and use vintage kimono fabrics, pieced together in a variety of complimentary fabrics to create interest and colour.

The first scarf uses a stunning slate blue and beige floral design on one side and on the other side I've used a pretty grey blossom design. Both pieces have been matched with a pretty peach and grey decorative kimono fabric and pieced together.

The scarf can then be used to drape around the neck, or as an evening wrap.

The second scarf uses the same slate grey and beige floral design as the first one, but I've pieced it together with a lovely black and white stylised chrysanthemum design.

The other side uses a beautifully vibrant purple and grey floral which I've pieced together with a stylised purple and white floral design.

This scarf looks stunning draped around the neck. You could choose to show either the slate blue side, or the purple side, or have a combination of both, as seen in the picture below.

You can find both these scarves in my store here.

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