Friday, 3 March 2017

Fabric Friday

Fabric Friday is a great excuse to sort through my fabric collection and to remind myself of what I have. For a while now, I've been meaning to find some fabrics to use as scarf designs. The kimono fabrics are lovely and soft and floaty and lend themselves perfectly to pretty decorative scarves. This morning I've been sorting through my extensive kimono collection to see if there is anything suitable. I like the idea of combining several kimono fabrics within one scarf, so have been looking for the right combinations of colour and design.

There are so many beautiful fabrics to use, I don't know where to start! Below is a very small selection of what I have.

Pinks and reds make for a pretty colour palette. The kimono fabric above left is a child's kimono and uses a fabulously bright colour combination.

I also like the more subtle colours of navy blue and cream. The soft blue bushclover design above is often used on Japanese kimonos.

Purple is such a stunning colour and looks great against many skin tones. These two kimono fabrics are quite different in design, but the colour pulls them together.

Japanese design also includes fabulous geometric prints. I love the dramatic design of the black and white geo above, and think it will work really well with the black and red ikat design.

The fabulous floral kimono above has also been used to make a clutch bag in the past. I love the stylised drama of the flower and am thinking of combining it with a  purple ikat fabric.

The red and white blossom works well with the soft pink maple leaf design - two traditional Japanese design motifs.

I am hoping to have some scarves made up and listed on my store in the near future and I'll mention them on my blog once they are done.

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