Sunday, 13 November 2016

Tokyo - Day 6

Our last day in Tokyo! And it was pouring with rain when we woke up. Luckily it had stopped by the time we left. First stop was Ivy Place in Daikanyama for a filling brunch. Then on to Jiyugaoka to dip into one of my favourite kimono shops, a tiny family-owned place down a side road. I picked up some lovely pieces including this stunning piece below.

We then went straight to Shimbashi to get on the monorail out to Odaiba. The train goes out over the rainbow bridge.

First stop was the Miraikan museum which had exhibits on science and space.

We saw a few types of robots and androids. Some were a bit too real looking but in a rather spooky way....

By this time we were really ready for some relaxation, so we headed to the Odaiba onsen (hot spring) for a dip.

It's designed like a mini Edo village and you turn up, change into your yukata (cotton kimono) and then trot around, enjoying the different options. We soaked in the hot baths, had a massage, tried out the sea salt sauna (where you lie on hot salt crystals) and dipped out feet in the outdoor foot spa.

We even chowed down on yummy katsu curry washed down with a cold beer.

We are heading back to the UK tomorrow. It's been another fab, whirlwind trip to Tokyo! Who knows when I'll be back to this mad city? Until then, I have some great memories.

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