Friday, 28 October 2016

Shades of green

Over the past few days I've been adding some stunning green clutch bags to my store. They are all made from Chinese silk fabrics that I bought in New York in the summer. Each one is a slightly different shade of green and vary from luxurious emeralds to rich olives. I've also added a suitably bright lining to each bag so that there is a flash of colour when the bag is opened.

You can find all these beauties in my Etsy store.

The fabrics remind me of some of the fabrics seen at the recent Dries Van Noten show in Paris.

I love the bamboo design of the clutch above and matched the yellow lining
to the yellow of the leaves in the design.

The clutch below has a stunning magenta pink lining, one of my favourite colours.

The clutch below is a stunning shade of emerald green and has a stylised peacock feather motif.

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