Friday, 18 March 2016

The Decor Cafe

Last Friday I mentioned my trip to the lovely Strawberry Hill House. The main reason for going there was to visit a home decor show, hosted by the Decor Cafe. They are a collaborative community of independent home experts for home, garden, food and drink and each of its members had a stall there to showcase their wares and services. Needless to say, it was a very inspiring visit and I got lots of inspiration for my new flat. I thought I would showcase a few of my favourites here.

Lorna Syson is inspired by her memories of childhood and creates unique designs that represent a simplified beauty of the British outdoors. She creates beautiful printed homewares which are ready to buy from her website.

As well beautiful nature prints, she also has a fab collection of geometric abstract designs that you can see below. I'm thinking this would be perfect as curtains for my new sitting room or perhaps as cushions on my new charcoal grey sofa...

Laura Felicity is a designer who specialises in combining silk-screen printing with hand drawn patterns to create elegant handmade wallpapers and homewares.

I love Laura's Dotty Bird collection shown above and below that combines hand drawn images of birds and cages with a lovely random spot design. You can click on the You Tube link at the top right of her website to see how she creates some of her products.

The wonderfully named Inky Velvet is a new company that creates cushions and throws from designer fabrics at affordable prices. Check out the luscious autumnal colours below.

As a colour-lover, my eye was immediately drawn to Inky Velvet's Medina collection below which combines rich, decorative pints with clashing coloured velvets.

Frances Kiernan is a printmaker, book artist, typographer and designer who creates stunning paper products. I loved the graphic designs she used as well as the fresh, simple modern colour palettes.

I couldn't leave without purchasing one of her beautiful handmade note books.

Frances offers classes in book making and I'm very tempted to get a group together to do a one day class. Anyone up for it?!

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