Thursday, 10 December 2015

Japanese juiciness

There's a bit of Japanese juiciness going on at Cheeky Leopard!
I've been busy making some lovely Japanese-inspired cosmetic bags. Each one uses a fabric that includes an image associated with Japan. These purses could be used for storing makeup, or as a gadget pouch for storing chargers. I use mine as a handbag organiser to store all the pesky small items that get lost in the bottom of my handbag.

This stork purse is made from furoshiki fabric. Furoshki is a wrapping cloth, used for wrapping gifts or for carrying groceries. I love the simple design of the storks and matched the red and white geometric lining to the red of the stork's legs.

This bag is made from a tenegui fabric (also a fabric used for wrapping presents etc) and depicts a simplified version of a daruma doll. The daruma doll is seen as a talisman for good luck!

I love this sumo purse! The images are fun and depict different sumo moves.
I gave it a black and white spotty lining.

I've used this blue and white stork fabric a few times and love its graphic image. I used a red and white polka dot lining that matches the red of their beaks.

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