Friday, 6 November 2015

Tokyo trip - Day seven

It's my last day in Tokyo! It's gone really quickly, but I've managed to fit so much into each day. Today was supposed to be a relaxing day for me, but I still managed to run around. I started the day with a filling breakfast at Ivy Place which is a restaurant almost opposite where we used to live. I ordered a tasty eggs benedict and sat in the sun, enjoying the morning and watching the world go by. After that I mooched around Tsutaya, a book shop with an immense selection of fashion, interior, design, craft books etc which are all gorgeous. I then popped into my favourite tenegui shop to pickup some items, before jumping on the train at Daikanyama and heading to Jiyugoaoka, a town about ten minutes train ride away that has a slightly similar feel to Shimokitazawa. I like the local feel of the place and the quiet bustle of it, but the main reason for going was to visit a lovely little kimono shop there. It's down some back streets and not very easy to find. I was originally taken there by a friend of mine and I was worried about being able to find it, but I did, and the sweet girl who works there was very attentive. It's a family-owned shop and she runs it with her mother.

She left me alone to forage through her boxes of kimono pieces and I came out with some lovely bright designs, as well as some more subdued ones.

After my trip to Jiyugoaoka, I went straight to my friend Jan's to hang out there for the afternoon with some other friends. One friend, Noriko, brought some beautiful obi pieces for me to take home. So kind! You can see them below.

I've spent the evening packing....and panicking!!!! I have so much stuff and may have to take a lot of it in hand luggage..... To soften the blow, I decided to have my last supper at the kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) place in Shibuya.

It's fine to go on your own, which is what I did. People sit in rows and you have your own little area in front of you, with an iPad at eye level.

Order your food on the iPad, and sip your beer while you wait for the food to appear.

Each order comes whizzing along the conveyor belt and stops directly in front of you.

You then have to take your dish off the conveyor belt and if you don't, you get an angry button flashing and ringing at you. Note the picture on the button of an angry little man!

The fish was beautifully fresh and tasted even better when washed down with a cold beer.

Not a bad way to spend my last day in Tokyo!

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