Monday, 10 August 2015

Millinery Monday

Happy Monday to all! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was fab, helped by the fact that the weather was gorgeous here in London. On Saturday afternoon we headed to Sadlers Wells theatre to see the fabulous Car Man ballet by Mathew Bourne, based loosely on the opera Carmen and with a score that was inspired by Bizet's music. It was a wonderful performance.

On our way to the theatre we happened to pop down a side street and came across the lovely shop of Alexandra Harper, a London-based milliner who designs and produces stunning statement hats and headpieces. I was immediately taken by her 'Rhopalocera' creation in the window (shown below), which has a tiny swarm of delicate red metal butterflies on it. My immediate thought was how well her hats would go with some of my Cheeky Leopard clutch bags, so I decided to pair some of them up!

The stunning red of this 'Rhopalocera' hat would work very well with the stork clutch bag below, made from delicate red and cream Japanese kimono silk.

I love the stunning orange colour of her 'Hespera' hat and it would make a great match with the orange, gold and black clutch bag below, made from a combination of Japanese obi fabrics.

This dramatic 'Dreams of Sioux' hat above uses a combination of stunning turquoise feathers and flowers and is the perfect match for the Indian sari and Japanese obi fabric clutch bag.

I couldn't resist this hat which is called 'In a mood New York'.
I picked out the purple of the hat to match the purple Cheeky Leopard handbag below.

Alexandra Harper creates bespoke hats and headpieces. Each item is a one-off creation and pieces can be custom-made to meet any price point, style, function and time requirement. You can visit her store at 25 Arlington Way by appointment from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm.

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