Monday, 17 August 2015

A weekend in Frome

Happy Monday to all! I'm still on a high after my lovely weekend spent down in Frome with two of my dear friends, Ros and Faye. We all went to art college together many years ago and now we rarely get to see each other. Ros has lived in New York ever since we left college, and even though Faye and I both live in London, we rarely get to see each other. Ros is over in the UK visiting her sister in Frome, so Faye and I decided to head down there on the train together and stay overnight in a local hotel. What a great decision! We stayed in a hotel right in the centre and after checking in our bags, we headed out to meet Ros on Catherine Hill, a lovely little cobbled street packed full of creatively different independent shops. Needless to say, we all had a great time foraging around some of them.

Beyond the Fridge is a shop with a unique collection of items for the home, ranging from magnetic notice boards, to doormats and placements, all with a distinctively graphic, Midcentury-Modern feel. The colours are fab and would liven up any kitchen or dining area.

Owl is an art gallery that has a selection of nature-inspired pieces. I loved the woodblock tea towels in black and white and the blue and white leaf vases with a delicate hint of gold around the rim.

Millie Moon is a fabric and haberdashery shop that also sells craft kits and a selection of beautiful buttons, as well as offering creative craft workshops. I always gravitate towards a fabric shop, so had a good forage around and came out with some little purchases. I loved this brightly coloured graphic piece hanging in the window.

Donna May Vintage is a fashion emporium and design studio filled with lovingly handpicked 20th Century clothing and homeware. They also cut and make their own label which is inspired by the past. I especially love the beaded top and gold dancing shoes from the 1920s.

On Saturday evening we dined at a lovely restaurant called Archangel, an old inn that dates back to 1311! It was once a medieval coaching inn called The Angel and it still has the carriage house outside. The restaurant retains the shell of the old building and you can still see the rugged ancient walls and roof of its barn-like structure, but it has been restored using glass and steel to create a mezzanine floor and a suspended glass cube that cradles the dining area. The setting was fab and so was the food! We all ended up having a good old English hearty meal of bangers and mash, washed down with a good bottle of Beaujolais!

On Sunday we headed out to Stourhead, a beautiful house and grounds nestled in the Wiltshire countryside. It was the perfect day to take in the stunning views and clean country air.

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