Friday, 24 July 2015

Fabric Friday

The purchases I made in Amsterdam just keep on giving! On Monday I mentioned the gorgeous green Indian block print fabric I bought at Bloom Print. Today I'd like to mention a beautiful piece of fabric that I bought at a shop call Shirdak, which specialises in modern and tribal nomad textiles. They have a selection of felt carpets, kilim pillows, embroidered wall hangings and woollen bedspreads, as well as a collection of nomad-influenced fashion.

Marianne Tuerlings is the owner of Shirdak and she frequently travels to Central Asia to collect the unique textile products for her shop and website. There were many pieces of fabric I could have swept up in her beautiful store, but the most appealing one was this beautifully hand embroidered piece from Afganistan. I'm guessing it was originally made as a yoke to go on a top. The stitches are so fine, and when you turn it over, you can really appreciate the work that has gone into it. What I loved about this piece is that it looks so modern! It almost has a disco feel about it with its geometric design and shimmery threads. I can't wait to make it up into a clutch bag and am thinking of piecing it together with a geometric vintage black geometric Japanese obi fabric.
I love a bit of cross cultural design!

The embroidered area fits perfectly into a yoke shape, allowing for a seam allowance too!

Up close you can see how delicate and fine the stitching is.

On the back, the end of each row of stitches has been neatly knotted.

The black geometric Japanese obi fabric I have chosen to go with the embroidery is the perfect match.

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