Monday, 18 May 2015

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope a good weekend was had by all. Mine was great, helped by the beautiful weather that we had. On Saturday I had a stall at Spitalfields Market in London. It went well and I sold some items and met some lovely people. The sunshine brought people out and I met folks from all over the world!

I hung one of my kimonos at the back of the stall and I chose this one as I love the colours.
It was actually used as an under garment and would have been worn under the kimono!
The heart garland worked well, strung across the top of my stall.

The bright colours of the kimono fabrics worked so well.
I used my Japanese wooden drawers as a prop for displaying my clutches. I'm not sure what these drawers would have been originally used for. If anyone has an idea, please let me know!

On Sunday we spent a bit of time in the garden, enjoying the sun. My husband is the keen gardener in our household and does an amazing job of it, but I'm happy to pootle about and sweep up leaves etc.
Bob the cat is on the chair, can you see Tom?!

On Sunday afternoon I had a late lunch/early dinner (linner/dunch?!) with my sister and my nieces. My youngest niece, Lila, painted my nails a fab pink colour and stuck pretty flowers on them. I then enjoyed my new nails with a glass of bubbly in the garden!

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