Thursday, 12 February 2015

A new addition

Cheeky Leopard has a new member of the family - this little kimono fabric handbag!
It is a simple envelope style, using two different kimono fabrics and with a hidden metallic snap closure. The strap is made from a vintage gold obijime and is long enough to be worn over the shoulder or across the body. You can find it in my store here.

 This bag is made from two different kimono fabrics. One is a red and cream stork design and the other is a multi coloured chrysanthemum design, which has been used on the flap of the bag.

I decided to use bright pink cotton for the lining, for a bit of fun.
The gold of the obijime looks fab with it!

The obijime is used when wearing a kimono and is the sash that is tied around the obi belt, to keep the obi on, but also as an added decorative element. They often come in vibrant shades and you can also add a further decorative element using an obidome, a small brooch which is threaded onto the obijime.

This image above shows how an obidome can look. I love the fact that an aqua theme has been used here. The kimono has water swirls and fish printed on it, the obi is a gorgeous turquoise colour and has reeds as week as dragonflies embroidered onto it, and then the obi dome is a fish design.

The images above and below show the last two steps of me having a kimono fitting.
I had a wonderful experience of being shown how to wear a kimono, not long before I left Tokyo, by an experienced kimono teacher and her apprentice. The teacher chose a stunning blue and white kimono, multi colour obi and turquoise obijime.

You can read about my kimono experience on my Tokyo blog here.

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