Sunday, 7 December 2014

Some new additions

A few weeks ago I mentioned on my blog that I had bought some fab new cotton fabrics in Tokyo.
Most of the pieces I bought are furoshiki or tenegui fabrics and each one was chosen because it had a fun element to it. The torii gates have been very popular in the past, so I was glad to find more of that, and who could resist the dancing ninjas?!

I have finally started making them up into cosmetic bags and here is an example of a few of them.
The prints are so much fun to work with and I enjoyed finding the right lining to match each fabric.
They have all been added to my store recently and you can find them here. I use mine as a cosmetic bag, but they could also be used as a handbag organiser or as a gadget pouch for chargers etc.

I love the torii gate fabric on this purse. It has an orange and white polka dot lining.
Torii gates can be found at the entrance to a shinto shrine and are often painted a bright orange colour.

 The dancing ninjas are so sweet! I decided to give them a black and white polka dot lining.

 This Fuji fabric purse is so much fun and it was given a red and white polka dot lining to match the sun peeking out from behind the cloud.

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