Friday, 7 November 2014

Soba lunch

My last lunch in Tokyo was at this gorgeous little soba restaurant which is very old. It was rammed full of local office workers and we were able to watch the soba noodle maker make the noodles. He carefully rolls out the dough, making sure it is very thin and even, and then deftly cuts the strips using a large scary knife.

The soba noodles are served cold on bamboo mats and are dipped into a sauce. They were so gorgeous!

The restaurant is nestled between two modern buildings.

The noodle maker rolls the dough very thin.

He makes sure the surface is well floured to avoid annoying sticking.

The rolling pin has to be very long!

Each noodle is cut to the same width and then neatly placed in a wooden box, ready to be cooked.

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