Monday, 3 March 2014

How to make a credit card case

I've been meaning to make a credit card holder for a while now and at the weekend I gave it a go. I have to say, I'm quite happy with the results and it's a great way to use up left over pieces of fabric.

Start by cutting out a front, a back and padding ( 3.5" x 9"), and two pockets (3.5" x 4"), all with rounded corners. For the front I used two pieces of fabric that I liked - a bear fabric mixed with a bike wheel fabric…..

Iron over the top edge of each pocket twice and top stitch them.

Pin the pockets to the lining fabric, then pin to the outer fabric, right sides together. The padding is also attached so that it is on the wrong side of the outer fabric.

Sew round the whole thing, leaving a small gap. This is to enable you to turn the case the right side out. Turn it the right way and give it a good iron, making sure all the corners are nicely turned out.

Once it is ironed, you can sew the top stitching round the outside edge. This is to make the case nice and flat, but also to close up the gap.

Here is the finished result! You can find it on my Etsy store here.

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