Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Migration by Bokja

I have mentioned the patchworked furniture created by Bokja on my blog before. I love their use of bright colours and of applying a traditional, crafty method to furniture design classics where they fuse old with new. Their latest creation is the Migrations line, which resonated with me, especially as I will be moving home soon and traveling across the world from Japan, back to my home in the UK.

The collection references stories of movement and change, capturing the human experience of bundling things up and moving on. Below are some images of their stunning collection which combines patchworked fabrics with embroidered bird images.

Migrating birds have been beautifully embroidered onto this chair.

The drawer at the base of this sofa evokes a suitcase full of clothes.

I love the classic shape of this chair mixed with the craftiness of patchwork and embroidery.

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