Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tenegui patchwork

I have finally found another use for all the tenegui I've been collecting. I often speak about tengui fabrics and how much I like them. They are Japanese fabrics that have all sorts of uses from napkins, to gift wrap and tea towels. The wonderful thing about them is that they often have very interesting patterns and colours and are usually produced in the traditional way, often with intricate stencils and an involved method.

This tote bag uses a combination of tenegui fabrics patched together, with a natural linen base and a cream cotton lining. There are two thick canvas straps that fit comfortably over the shoulder and you can find this, and other tote bags here.

The nice thing is that some of the fabrics from this tote bag have also been used in some of the clutch bags I made recently, which you can see below and can find on my Etsy store here.

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