Saturday, 12 November 2011

Yokohama Quilt Show

Yesterday I dipped into the Yokohama Quilt show for a quick look around. There were some interesting creations, but I'm afraid I was more interested in the shopping. I came back with some lovely pieces and here is a small selection of them. Now I just need to get sewing and glueing!

I love this pretty pink blossom fabric.

This traditional blossom design has a nice shot of turquoise in it and I was thinking a complimenting turquoise lining could work very nicely as a clutch bag.

A simple red and white design can be very fresh looking and rather pleasing.

This design is very traditional, but I love it and the red is really hot.

I think this maple leaf design is really stunning and would work perfectly, pieced together with some natural linen and a bright orange lining for a shot of colour.

I really love the indigo-dyed Japanese fabrics, but they are so expensive. It's always worth having some though, so I bought a small piece that I will patch together with some other fabrics.

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  1. What lovely Japanese fabrics! Really like your clutch bag collections, will definitely check out your Etsy store.


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