Friday, 11 November 2011

Hiroyuki Miyake

One designer that caught my eye at the design fair was Hiroyuki Miyake, a product designer/architect who designs interesting items and beautiful spaces. We were drawn to his stand when he introduced us to a calendar in the form of a tape measure, where one year fills two sides of the tape - 6 months on each side. He has also designed interesting seating ideas, like the "Frogs" table and chairs (where the sitter becomes a frog once sitting on the lilly pad seat) and the "Bug" stools that look like a chain of ants when placed one behind the other. You can see more of his work here.
The calendar works as a retractable tape measure.

Each day is a centimetre.

Each side of the tape measure represents six months of the year.

The "Frogs" lily pad seats.

The "Bugs" stools - like a chain of ants.

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