Sunday, 23 October 2011

White Caps

Another place I like to visit when I'm in London is Sadlers Wells theatre in Islington where they often have some very inspiring modern dance shows. On saturday I went up to the Lilian Bayliss studio to see a wonderful performance by the Champloo Dance Company. They combined live work inspired by B-boying or Breakdancing, with film footage to create a unique experience.

The word Champloo comes from the Japanese word chanpuru and is used to describe something mixed, or the mixing of unusual components to produce something with a unique flavour. The performance was only just over an hour long, but had an interesting selection of live stage work and then film footage which was projected onto a mesh screen at the front of the stage. Most of the film footage showed the two dancers performing in natural spaces, such as in a forest or on a river bed. It was beautifully filmed and choreographed, and accompanied by haunting music. You can see some of their work here and I definitely recommend going to see it.

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