Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wonderful Wallpaper

Wallpaper has had a big resurgence over the past decade, and comes in many forms. It could be used in the bedroom as a damask in soft tones of cream and beige, or as an art piece on a statement wall, or even for full-on effect, transforming a small, drab living room into a haven of pattern and colour. This resurgence means that wallpaper design has become more and more inventive and there are some wonderful creations out there.Deborah Bowness was a bit of a trail blazer with her wonderful handprinted, photographic creations, depicting grainy images of household items, with a shot of colour here and there. She started using this idea seven years ago and now has a wonderful collection of objects that can adorn your walls. Such as chairs, piles of books, dresses and clocks. I rather like the idea of having one piece of the standard lamp.

Claire Cole's style is very different. She produces couture wallpapers where she uses fragments of vintage wallpapers layered and intricately embroidered with silks and leather to create a range of patterns and scenes. They transform walls into individual works of art.

Tracy Kendall uses a variety of techniques in her wallpaper designs, but I like her photographic images of cutlery and feathers. These become like one-off works of art and something I would love to have on my walls.
Catherine Hammerton produces beautiful textural wallpapers that ripple as you walk past. I love this Scale wallpaper which is handmade and stitched onto traditional wallpaper.

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