Friday, 28 January 2011

Quilt Show fabrics

I have been quietly drooling over the fabrics I bought at the quilt show on monday and am very excited about putting them togther and making some juicy clutch bags out of them.This orange fabric inspired me as I loved the combination of traditional Japanese motif mixed with a print reminiscent of an Art Deco motif. I also love the orange mixed with grey - not so apparent in this photo, but a lovely unexpected colour combination.
I couldn't resist this print showing a flock of birds flying. From a distance it looks like a random texture and then you get up close and see the bird motif. I was thinking of combining the flying birds with the blossom print below, which is so sweet and delicate.

The print above is one of my favourites as it uses such a stunning combination of colours. I think, as a designer, I would have struggled putting these colours together, but I think they work really well together with the acid yellow of the ground and the dark teal of the blossom, with a random orange flower thrown in for good measure! I'd love to have seen what this would look like as a full kimono.
This print is a lot more subtle than most of the fabrics I bought, but I just loved its delicate quality. I think it will be nice to make some clutch bags that are a bit more on the subtle side.


  1. Do you know what you're going to do with the yellow and teal fabric yet? It's gorgeous!!!

  2. I have just used this fabric for my latest clutch bag. I love it!


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