Sunday, 12 September 2021

Indigo blue

 I love Japanese indigo fabrics and collected a lot when I lived in Japan. I love the way that the dye soaks into the fabric and I love the bold, stylised designs that are often used in indigo textiles.

I have a selection of traditional and modern indigo fabrics and decided to use both of them in one design, combining a geometric print with a traditional floral motif.

These fabrics are so dark, they almost look black and were perfect for making into clutch bags.

The clutch bag is lined and lightly padded, with a zipper closure to keep everything safe.

For the lining, I decided to use a modern geometric cotton Japanese fabric in shades of cream and navy, using the reverse of the colours on the outer bag.

The bag also has a lovely silky black tassel attached to the zipper pull.

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