Thursday, 25 March 2021

Japanese kimono gifts

 Having lived in Tokyo for four years, I have a massive appreciation for all things Japanese and during that time I also amassed a rather extensive collection of vintage kimonos. I love recreating these kimonos into new items and the latest pieces to hit my store are these lovely accessories in shades of red and pink.

This scarf is made from two different vintage kimono fabrics that have been pieced together.
I love this bold red maple leaf motif on a soft pink ground. In Japan the maple leaf is often used in art and design and is seen as a symbol of elegance, beauty and grace.

In Japan the colour red denotes strength and passion and is a colour that is often worn at important ceremonies such as weddings and birthdays.

The vibrant red of this vintage kimono works perfectly for this summer headband. It has a bow detail which can be detached depending on your mood.

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