Friday, 24 April 2020

Cotton face masks

It's been a while since I've added anything new to my blog and the main reason for that is that I've been a tad busy! To fill my time during lockdown I decided to try my hand at making face masks and selling them in my shop and they seem to have taken off! They've been selling like hot cakes and I've been sewing like a mad woman to keep up with all the orders. Here's a little selection of the most popular items so far. Each one has a co-ordinating fabric on the back which makes it reversible.

Many of the fabrics I've used are Japanese or have been inspired by Japanese design, and blue and white is a lovely colour combination. The mask above is made from a blue and white cotton parasol fabric. The mask below is made from a blue and white floral fabric inspired by Japanese kimonos.

I couldn't not make a leopard print mask and this one comes in black and white.

Sausage dogs are always popular and this beige and black sausage dog mask has been flying out! It matches several items in my store such as cosmetic bag, glasses case and tissue holder.

Another popular Japanese image is this stork print that I designed a while ago. 

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