Thursday, 7 September 2017

Golden delicious

While I was in Switzerland recently I dipped into a lovely little fabric shop and came out with this delicious gold and cream cotton fabric. It uses a traditional Japanese geometric motif which I think will work really well with some of my vintage Japanese obi fabrics.

I've been foraging through my extensive collection and I've found a few obi fabrics that contain gold and will match perfectly with the fabric I bought. This will be the ideal combination for making an evening purse or clutch bag.

Many of the obi designs use stylised motifs. The design of the orange and gold obi above is based on a chrysanthemum flower which has been incorporated into a diamond shape.

I love the black and gold cotton obi above. It's a vintage piece but looks so modern.

I love the stunning orange of the obi above. Now I just need to decide which colour I'm going to use for the lining.

I will probably combine the two fabrics to create a bag like the clutch bag above, where the obi fabric becomes a central insert and the gold and cream fabric will be on either side. Watch this space!

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