Friday, 29 September 2017

Dries Van Noten

I love the work of Dries Van Noten who always creates an innovative yet wearable collection. His latest collection was shown at Paris Fashion week on Wednesday and was full of gorgeous colour and print, heaven for any textile designer. Fabrics were sourced from the 30s, 40s, 60s and 80s and these decades were also echoed in the shapes of the clothes. The designer was influenced by Picasso who took scraps of wallpaper and worked with those instead of using paint and a brush, and this has created a scrapbook look in his clothes. Dresses had open seams, or looked like they were made entirely out of scarves, that had been beautifully draped.

The outfit above beautifully pairs plaid trousers with a silk dressing gown.

 The outfit above has a fabulous lip print, reminiscent of Schiaparelli. I love the draping of the bright yellow scarf, which has also been belted at the waist.

  The androgynous look above has been softened by the draping of a silk scarf at the waist. I love the inclusion of the slouchy leather clutch bag.

The bold floral and colour way of the coat above is stunning!

I love the mix of the diagonal stripe of the trousers and vintage floral of the top above, toned down by a smart, soft brown jacket. Check out that stunning clutch bag!

  The inclusion of lilac in this collection is fab! In the outfit above it is mixed with a stunning shimmering metallic silver to create an asymmetrical skirt. In the outfit below is has been pieced together with completely contrasting fabrics that work so well, to create a stunningly draped evening dress.

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