Saturday, 18 February 2017

Josef Frank

I always love a trip to the Fashion and Textile Museum and yesterday I went on a pilgrimage there to check out the stunning textiles of Austrian architect and designer Josef Frank. He designed his first fabrics in the 1910s, but by the time he moved to Stockholm in the 30s he had gained vast experience in design and interior decoration.

The first exhibit was this lovely room set. It's a sea of colour and pattern that all works together to create a really inviting environment. He felt that a home should feel comfortable and cosy and used soft sofas, hardwoods and dramatic fabrics to create a haven.

Frank's designs depicted paradise, with all sorts of berries, leaves and wildlife sharing one environment in a vibrant colour palette.

He was designing during the second world war and his vibrant textile designs were a stark contrast to the horrors of what were going on.

 Fantastical fruit sits next to bold florals and scale varies a lot within one design.

Josef Frank's designs are seen as distinctly Swedish and have paved the way for the likes of Ikea and Marimekko, which is why they might look familiar!

Thoughoutt the exhibition, there were pieces of furniture upholstered in his stunning fabrics, which visitors were invited to sit on.

I highly recommend a trip to this inspiring exhibition, a haven for any textile-lover.

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