Friday, 10 October 2014

Fabric Friday

For this Friday's fabric choice, I decided to carry on the maple leaf theme and selected a beautiful kimono piece that I have in my collection. It is made from a very fine silk and has a simple design of green maple leaves and branches on a cream ground. I love the freshness of the colour and the simplicity of the design, mixed with a pretty, soft watercolour effect in the background.

Japanese maple trees are considered a symbol of grace and are associated with peace, serenity and calm. I need some of that! 

A while ago I used some of this kimono fabric to make a clutch bag and teamed it with a matching green Japanese obi fabric. It has a deep teal cotton lining to compliment the outside. My favourite part of making my bags is choosing which combinations of fabrics to use. The lining fabric is just as important as the outer fabric and I love to add a flash of colour to the inside. The teal colour was a perfect match.
You can find the clutch bag in my store here.

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