Tuesday, 3 August 2010


The lovely Chikage took me clasp shopping yesterday, and it was heaven! Now that I have been accepted to show my wares at the International Bazaar here in Tokyo, I actually have to come up with the goods! The first thing I needed to do was to source some clasps at a good price and Chikage was great at researching the shops, printing out maps etc. We headed off to Kuramae yesterday in the dripping heat, and went to shops that I would never have known were there. Even from the outside, you couldn't tell, but the first one we went to has been there for over 80 years and was a haven for any bag maker with clasps, buckles, straps etc in all shapes and sizes. We then went on to Higashi-nihombashi, the wholesale district, where there were even more clasps and the choices just kept flowing. We came back with bag loads of goodies and clasps of all shapes and sizes. There is so much choice out there, which is great, but I won't know where to stop! Now I just need to come up with the goods....

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