Sunday, 7 February 2021

Olle Eksell

I've been enjoying going through my reference book collection and recently rediscovered a lovely book about Olle Eksell, a Swedish graphic designer and poster artist who made a big impression on Swedish advertising history during the 1950s. His most famous creation was his "Cacao"eyes, designed for Mazetti's cocoa packaging and now an iconic design classic. I bought this book when I was living in Japan and I love his quirky style and use of colour blocking and line work.

His use of perspective is playful.

Iconic buildings of Sweden come to life with detailed ornamentation mixed with simple blocks of colour.

A pared down colour palette of pink, blue and yellow allow the images to come to life.

 I have been inspired by Olle's style in some of my design work, such as this collection of fabrics called A Walk In The Park that I designed for Makower UK a while ago.

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